Since 2005, attorney Elsa “Elsi” Melendez has been dedicated to helping families cope with the responsibility of caring for aging family members. She understands firsthand the emotional and financial challenges that involves placing a family member into residential care. Her father suffered a massive stroke that left half of his body paralyzed. Her mother took the role of a caregiver which got to the point that it was unable for her to bear the burden of providing home health care. The stress she suffered caused her to have a stroke leaving both of her parents unable to take care of themselves.

The lessons she has learned by assisting her parents through their long-term health care needs moved her to focus her practice on Elder Law Planning, Asset Preservation Planning, Medicaid and Veterans Benefits. She pays special attention in helping older adults navigate the complexities and challenges of senior living by assisting clients with avoiding probate, avoiding conservatorships, creating revocable living trusts, pour-over wills, durable power of attorney for assets, and Healthcare Powers of Attorney.


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