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guardianship law Responsible parents should educate themselves as early as possible about the decisions they need to make to ensure that the rights of their child are protected as the child transitions to legal adulthood. Parents who plan ahead, educate themselves, and work closely in Tampa with their legal Guardianship advisors have more peace of mind as their child approaches age 18.

The new adult’s legal rights and responsibilities, such as coverage under health insurance, Medicaid benefits, and tax requirements, will change. And parents may suddenly find that their access to certain information about their children, including medical and school records, will be denied under law.

Establishing a legal guardianship in Tampa can help protect the rights of children with disabilities as they transition to legal adulthood at age 18. This includes financial, insurance, medical, educational, vocational, and other areas of their lives.

Guardianship is not an “all or nothing” determination. Just as there are varying degrees of disability, there are varying degrees of guardianship.

If your child is capable of making some decisions for him- or herself, but not others, this information can be clearly designated within the guardianship in Tampa. Assess your child’s abilities in categories such as living arrangements, communication, and decision-making, and talk with your health care provider to garner their advice.

Guardianship Lawyers Can Help With Both Children And Adults

Suncoast Elder Law Guardianship lawyers in Tampa can also help with determining what happens to both minor children and dependent adults. People today live longer and are having children later in life, which means that it’s sometimes necessary to consider both minor children and elderly parents when working with a lawyer. A guardianship attorney will be able to draw up the right kind of paperwork, which protects your children and parents against having your wishes contested by guardianship lawyers working for other family members. Before having your guardianship lawyer name a specific person in the estate planning documents, make sure you talk to whomever you want to name as the responsible person. You don’t want this to be a surprise sprung on them after your death.

Using an attorney to prepare for your death isn’t just smart – it’s a gift to give your loved ones. With so many different things to consider when planning what happens to your estate after you pass, hiring a Tampa based estate planning or guardianship lawyer is an intelligent decision.


Estate planning is a vital part of getting older. Although many people believe they only need to create a plan if they’re extremely wealthy, this isn’t the case at all. If you have children, retirement accounts such as a 401K or IRA, life insurance or other assets, you need an estate plan before you die. Many people think they can handle this process themselves, however this is an extremely bad decision. By trying to plan what happens after you die yourself, you could miss out on an important document or increase your loved one’s tax liability unnecessarily.

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