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gun collection If you are a Gun owner you may have a wide collection of firearms and a strong affinity for them. Due to this, gun owners often have the option of creating a Gun Trust to include in their estate plan. They often want to see those firearms passed on to friends and family who have an appreciation for them and will keep them in good care.  After all, leaving your firearms to those who know nothing about or have no interest in them really makes no sense. In such cases, the guns sit around on display or collecting dust in storage, or, in some cases, the heir winds up pawning the inherited collection for a bit of pocket money. Few collectors truly want to see this happen either. The best way to prevent this is to speak with a Tampa attorney familiar with formulating a legal Gun Trust.

Legal Formalities of Gun Trusts

A Gun Trust transfership in Tampa can be a little more complicated than just leaving your Waterford China dinnerware to a relative. The recent legislations on gun ownership require a legal and proper transfer by a qualified representative.

There is much red tape involved surrounding the transference of gun ownership. In addition, depending on the distance the firearms must travel, the red tape can increase depending on the jurisdiction and its specific requirements.

This does not mean you should not pass your guns on to an heir; you and your heir(s) simply must work with a professional attorney such as Suncoast Elder Law in Tampa in order to ensure a legal and smooth transfer.

In other words, the inheriting party cannot just grab the guns and take them home after your death. The penalties for illegal ownership are just too steep for such a risk.

The benefits of a Gun Trust

If you have a nice collection of firearms and want a specific person or persons to have them, ensure this is outlined in your will during the estate planning process. To whom you bequeath your firearms will determine the fate of your beloved collection. You should also discuss the matter with the heir(s) so that everyone is on the same page and is aware of the steps necessary to complete the transfer. Of course, there is also another estate planning option worth considering.

A special purpose Gun Trust set up by an attorney in Tampa designates you as both owner and beneficiary. At the time of your death, successor trustees will pass on your gun collection to the appointed beneficiaries. Gun trusts also can make it easier to handle firearms after the owner’s death—and may prevent surviving family members from inadvertently violating the law.

While this can streamline the process, keep in mind that because of the laws, which can vary somewhat from state to state, this Gun trust  does not negate the need to comply with the National Firearms Act. All laws, rules, and regulations must still be followed; however, a Tampa Gun Trust Attorney guarantees that your specific wishes for the disposition of your firearms will be carried out.

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